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  1. Chris24


    Peaches It is with great sadness to report that our beloved Peaches crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago. We adopted Peaches and her sister Apple 8 years ago from a friend when they could no longer look after them. From day one both girls captured our hearts and were the first guinea pigs...
  2. Chris24

    Specialist Stubbon URI in elderly piggy.. what next?

    Hi everyone, Our eldest (10 y/o) sow, Peaches, has unfortunately been suffering for a URI for the past month. During this time she has been on a course of Baytril and Sulfatrim as well as daily F10/saline solutions but she has continued to gradually lose weight. She is still eating of her own...
  3. Chris24

    Sapphire (Saphy)

    Sapphire was a beautiful piggy we adopted about 7 months ago. She was an elderly piggy when we got her and had outlived her other cage mates. There were a few difficulties introducing her to our herd but they soon learnt to accept her and she very happy and content with her new friends. Saphy...
  4. Chris24

    Meet Molly. :)

    This is Molly, one of two piggies we adopted recently. We adopted her from P&H at approx. 12 weeks old (she was really tiny so we think she was younger than 12 weeks). Molly has grown fast over the past few weeks but we managed to get some nice photos of her progress. We hope you like them. :)...
  5. Chris24


    Our beloved Smudge has sadly passed over the rainbow bridge. We provided temporary fostering for Smudge back in June for a local Guinea Pig Sanctuary. When Smudge came to us she was very depressed due to the passing of her previous cage mates. She was underweight and unsteady on her legs due to...
  6. Chris24

    Meet Smudge!

    Hi All, We fostered Smudge from a GP sanctuary last month. When we got her she was a very depressed little girl as her cage mates had passed away and the sanctuary tried to pair her up but it didn't work out. It broke our hearts to see her outside in a cage on her own and within a week she had...
  7. Chris24


    Our darling Flossy sadly passed away earlier this week. We adopted Flossy just under a year ago at the age of approx. 6-7 years old. Flossy hadn’t had the best start in life as she was kept purely for breeding until the adoption center took her in their care. Unfortunately, once we got Flossy...