1. @the3piggies

    Piggie slow and tired.

    Hi all! I recently adopted Mazie and she was always very shy and not super active, but then she started to get more used to me and her home, and today shes been really inactive and slow, she seems tired and almost sad? She’s always run to her hideout when someone besides me gets near her cage...
  2. H

    They are so noisy what do I do

    So I am very new to this don’t know if I am posting this in the right place but anyway I really need help as I just got 2 female guinea pigs today and they seemed to settle in fine. Shy to start with but came out abit and wernt overly loud or really quiet. It is now currently 3.23am and they...
  3. TaraS-D

    My Guinea Pig Has A Lump

    As i was recently just chilling with my guinea pig i noticed she had two hard lumps on her chest and on her neck (i feel bad because I'm not sure how long she has had them!). She is about 5 years old (so an old guinea pig) She eats well and poops normally but she has started to look a bit more...
  4. Piggiesxoxo

    Not Eating Hay Or Drinking Water?

    Hi! I'm a New Guinea pig owner. He's about two months and his name is Pumpkin. He was doing well the first month I had him (got him when he was 1 month old) and was popcorning, wheeking, and exploring. But now going into the second month I noticed he's not being so active. Is he bored? Should I...
  5. S

    Floppy/limp Guinea Pig?

    I have a 3yr/old boar that has been pretty healthy his whole life. Until recently, that is. He's been feeling kinda lifeless and floppy, not dead though. I look it up and it says something about having a stroke, and I know that they're subject to heat stroke and it's been REALLY hot in Oregon...