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too much

  1. Emily Jane

    Need Help With Medication

    hello, My guinea pig, cutie, was prescribed too medications by the vet. I’m fine with giving her them and was cleaning the syringes and when I came back I have here the medicine. However, I got the bottles mixed up and gave her 0.3 ml of Metacam instead of 0.25ml. I thought the medicine I was...
  2. BrieBB

    How Often Is Too Much Sneezing?

    1 week ago I got 2 guinea pigs Skunk and Calico. Both she's and Calico is sneezing a lot lately. I looked it up and saw that it could be the timothy hay that I am using but Calico is sneezing when I hold her and when she is away from the hay. For around 10-30 minutes she is okay then she starts...