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tooth problems

  1. C

    Tooth with crack

    Hi everyone, my girl is turning 6 in the last quarter. Right now I notice she isn’t really taking her treats (oxbow) properly. I checked on her and realised there’s a crack in her tooth. What can I do? Will it eventually drop off? She is still eating just that she can’t break the big pieces. The...
  2. H

    Tooth trimmed too short

    Hello! My lethal pig Sugar only has one top tooth that gets overgrown each month. We took her to the vet this morning for a tooth trim and I'm pretty sure they cut it way too short. I have to open her mouth to see it. I'm switching vets after this, they've been careless with other (although...
  3. Speedy Piggie

    Loose Tooth!? !urgent!

    Hello! I'm quite a new guinea pig owner so i don't really know what to do!? Basically, my guinea pig has a loose tooth. Whilst the other tooth looks shorter.. 1st of all, I am scared that my guinea pig's tooth is broken, cause this Youtuber has had a guinea pig with a broken tooth and that obv...
  4. CarolineRenee

    New Rescued Piggy Very Skinny

    Hi, I rescued a female piggy and her 6 week old pup a couple weeks ago. Her name is Harley and she's approx. 6 months old. The rescue has a great, established reputation and Harley was vet checked and cleared for adoption. She is very skinny. I can feel her ribs, pelvic bone and she's got skinny...