1. VeganIzzy

    Guinea Pig Routines?

    This was also posted in another category but I received no replies so am searching for hope in this one! I am getting two Guinea Pigs tomorrow, they're boys and both are two and a half. They're from a friend who couldn't look after them any longer. I was reading upon routines and schedules, and...
  2. Akvelins

    Fleece Bedding!

    Hi! I have owned piggies for a long time now and I want to try out fleece bedding, I have used wood shavings since I got them. My question is, what do you find the best to use under the fleece? I'm thinking of puppy pads + towels and then fleece on top. I know many of you use uhaul pads and...
  3. luckyandsammy

    My Little Burritos