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  1. Sarah Jane

    Plywood for guinea pig hide? Opinions? Also what type of food bowl is easy not to tip over? Anything you can make at home?

    My beautiful boar boy Flynn loves to knock his hide over every chance he gets. I mean every chance. If I correct it, 3 mins tops until he knocks it over again. This would be fine; except my little lady Piglet enjoys her hides so ultimately, it's not working in her favour. I looked on the...
  2. Ellhen1

    One piggy struggling to recover from toxicity

    Hello! We have two boars (1 + 6months) yesterday morning we rushed them to the vet as we found they both hadn’t eaten any of their food from the night before and couldn’t lift their heads up. The vet said they basically look drunk and kept them in all day on fluids and I believe they had a...
  3. R

    Is wood varnish safe for piggies?

    I've heard seen this story quite a few times on various websites, but i've not yet seen a certain answer. I recently built a hutch with my dad, and he insisted on painting the wood with a varnish. I told him it was best to avoid it and i didn't want him to but he did regardless. He painted it...
  4. parkdaleangela

    House Painting - Advice Please

    My girls are outside on the patio in well insulated hutches, heat pads in winter, blankets, etc. etc. so I know they're OK. BUT we need to paint the exterior woodwork of the house, some of which is quite near the hutches. We'd intended to use Sadolin but looking at the Health and Safety advice...