1. Nandu

    Toys, Chew toys, Enrichment, Ideas?

    Hey! I have 2 guinea pigs, Pat and Dumbly. Pat is 6 months old and Dumbly is around 5 1/2 (we don't know exactly) Recently, we got them a wooden tunnel which they can chew. Dumbly is a BIG chewer. They seem to be loving running through it and Dumbly likes chewing it. We also have a tiny red...
  2. N

    i need help on my guineas cage!

    i think my guinea pigs cage is way too small for the both of them, especially with their personalities. i cant free roam them because i have a dog and a cat, so i need to get them a bigger cage so they can have all of their needs plus lots of extra space to run. i don’t have the money...
  3. rei

    Toys for Guinea Pig ?

    Hello, I’m really new to this forum and owning a guinea pig. No one in my family has had one before so yeah aha. Anyways not so sure this is the right category but it’s kind of health , because I don’t want a toy to be dangerous for my guinea pig . I found a toy that is soft and there is no...