1. Siikibam

    Personal statement

    I’m applying for teacher training (save me from myself!) and need to write a personal statement. I’ve completed everything except that, references (I know who I’ll be using) and choices. Thing is I’m stuck on how to start! 😬 If you’re a teacher, please can you help me and tell me what skills...
  2. C

    Teaching Guinea pigs to use a ramp?

    My piggies are only babies I got them on Friday but I have extended their cage out to give them constant floor space. They just don't know how to use the ramp? I have covered it in veggies and they seem to stretch their bodies up and grab the veggies from the top then scoot back down. Has anyone...
  3. Walky

    Good Teeth Chattering?

    Okay, I have a really weird question, but I didn`t find anything on the matter, so here goes Is it possible for teeth chattering to be not-bad? I ask that because I`ve noticed weird behaviours on my two piggies, Porca and Cookie. So the story goes like this: I've been training them to come when...