1. S

    Skittish Guinea Pig Help

    Hello! I'm new to the forum, and I'm Brazilian btw, so sorry if my English is bad! But I really need help. So, I have a piggie called Stark, and i got him from a past of a very traumatic home, wich he had to stay with 10 other piggies, in a very small cage, with one water bottle and one food...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Could I be traumatised from Losing Lottie?

    I’ve been feeling very bad just lately, The Guinea have needed cleaning out for a few days and I’ve been putting it off and off, till last night I finally broke down to my partner and asked if he could clean them out because I’m struggling to do it. He said yes and I lay in bed while he cleaned...
  3. L

    Trouble eating

    Hi, I noticed today that one of my guinea pigs is having a little trouble eating. He recently suffered a trauma when one of my other boars managed to escape his own cage and into the neighboring one. He was injured with a very large bite wound to his lower back. It was over the weekend and we...
  4. violetgirl


    I just brought home a 4 year old guinea pig named Violet. We had a 15 minute car ride home and she did NOT like it. When we got home I gave her some veggies and held her in my lap. She seemed fine and i put her back in the cage. I had to leave for several hours. When I came back,I had to...
  5. violetgirl

    Dental Issues?

    I recently adopted a 4 year old guinea pig named Violet and last night she experienced a bit of trauma involving two car trips and a cat. She nipped at me a bit and I assumed it was stress. I am wondering if it was possibly an issue with her teeth because this morning she was chewing her food a...
  6. Celine298

    My New Traumatised Baby

    Hey all! I recently bought a new guinea pig (Sunny) from a well known and respectable pet shop. I'm aware that they are social creatures and like to be kept in pairs or groups. This pet shop adopts that policy and keeps it's piggys in pairs/groups of the same gender. However, when I picked out...