1. Jesse's pigs


    Anyone used a courier to transport their new piggies home if coming from a far away place and have any they recommend. I’ve opened my search to areas further away in my quest of finding a friend for Bellamy (obviously won’t be booking anything until lockdown clears up). Bit dubious of just...
  2. E

    Travelling from Australia to Canada - Urgent advice

    Hi everyone, I am moving to Canada permanently in April and the only way to get there from Melbourne, Australia, is 2-stops flight (Melbourne to Sydney; Sydney to Vancouver; Vancouver to Toronto). Time on air will be 25 hours (approx.). I have two beautiful piggies, Stuart (6 mo) and Kevin (10...
  3. lauryn888

    Travelling Without My Pigs

    hi all, i have two boys and i will be going to a different continent for 9 days in april. i have nobody around me who can take care of my boys in my house while I'm gone so i was going to take them to my boyfriend's house who lives 2 hours away which is conveniently near the aiport I'm leaving...