treat ideas

  1. dabel101


    Hi! Saw a post online where someone fed their gp kiwi, i was wondering if kiwi is safe for them. If so which parts can they eat and how do i prepare it for them! :)
  2. furmom.pau

    DIY Treats

    Hi! Do you have DIY treat reccos/recipes you can share? :D
  3. Hannahb2804

    the best treats for piggies

    Are pea flakes a good treat for piggies? If not what’s the best treats that aren’t too unhealthy, not keen on purchasing treats like the fruit drop ones or anything that seems fattening😀thankyou! X
  4. Misty


    Hi guys. I would like to know if you have any suggestions to a healthy treat that could be given in small amounts a couple of times a day. Manly because the greenhouse where Chippy is my parents sit and have a cuppa after work and stuff. But they keep giving him nuggets because he wheeks and...