1. Y

    Peanut butter flavoured things?

    Hello everyone :) I went out to Wilko today and picked up a guinea pig treat/toy. It's a gnaw log and I thought it looked good and the type of 'wood' they used is loved my my piggies. So, I picked one up. However, once I got home, I realised it was peanut butter flavoured. Now, I know piggies...
  2. Bella123

    This Is Mine………

    Was doing Bella’s and Hero’s morning cage routine, when I decided to place a long awaited treat in their cage…. At this point it was in the middle of their cage …I left the room…to do their water… To my surprise I come back only to find Hero has dragged it half way across the cage….and made...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Russell Rabbit Crunchers

    So guys I just wanted to share with you these treats that my rabbit- Bigwig and guinea pig Mo both adore. They don't have them frequently,probably once a week if that, but they are (at least to them) heaven. Just wondered if you guys knew of them or had tried them because if not I do recommend...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Treat For Beans

    Beans has been without Toast now since 8am and she's really been missing her. Every now and again she'll wander round the cage looking for her :( Only 1 more hour until I pick Toasty up and they'll be reunited (and Toast can get back to annoying her sister), but for now I've got Beans some...
  5. Piggiemum7

    Easy Homemade Treat Toy!

    I cut some holes in a toilet roll tube (bens favourite thing to gnaw on) and filled it with all his favourite veggies, leave some poking out the holes and then stuff the spaces with grass! He's been throwing it around and rumble strutting for ages!