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  1. rodents.of.rivendell

    I need some good treat recommendations

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have a personal favorite treat to give your piggies. Mine love pea flakes but I'm looking to expand my selection. What's some good treat/reward food for guinea pigs that your piggies love? Preferably something I can get off of amazon or chewy.
  2. G

    Piggie treats!

    Hiya! What are you favorite brands/type of treats for your piggies? My girls (Mabel & Flo) love their pea flakes but have to limit them due to the calcium! I’m looking for some new treats to test out to give them more variety. Thank you!
  3. C


    I grew some of my own marigolds in a garden I made for them! I was wondering if they can just eat the flower or the whole plant?
  4. Hannahb2804

    Pea flakes

    Is it okay to give one pea flake per piggie each day of the week? Just wanted to use something to do hand feeding & bonding and I’ve seen a lot of people use pea flakes, I’ve also seen the oxbow vit c cookies, can these be fed a few times a week for a treat or only fed when needed? I’ve seen...
  5. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    Missed Halloween but have to share!

    So, due to illness I wasn't able to get these photos into the competition, but still wanted to share my girls enjoying their first Halloween! I had planned to make them a corn husk doll, and maybe a little scarecrow stuffed with hay, but because of my flare up this week I had to keep it simple...
  6. AlvieOB

    Pea Flakes, healthy?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a guinea pig treat that is healthy, to reward my piggies with and hand feed to gain their trust and tame them. Are pea flakes a good option? Are they healthy? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks a lot, Alvie, pawrent of teenage Peruvian boys Billy and Pumpkin!
  7. Kallasia

    Thief? Perhaps "opportunist"

    It was a floortime like any other - bedroom door closed, pet gate across stairs, pigs have free roaming throughout the upstairs. It all began when they came charging into our 2nd bedroom (which is now a boardgaming room!) like they normally do. After playing "Where the hell have the pigs...
  8. Alexandra West

    Pea Flakes?

    hello, all. I was doing some cleaning and I’m a drawer of my desk I found a zip-lock bag of food that came in a party-mix of pellets. It has pea flakes, corn pieces, and some other weird shaped things. I got this food back in January when I initially got Finnian and he hated the pellets so he...
  9. Jade Smith


    I brought these today thinking they were specifically for guinea pigs, do you think they would still be ok? Could I also have some recommendations on treats and fruit/veg do them! X
  10. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Clean Cage And New Additions!

    The nice clean cage before pigs! Aaand after pigs! Enjoying their nice new massive hay tray (or potting tray according to the label :))) with the new Nibble N Dig Rosewood forage tray! Which you can see Cissy guarding it with her life below, kicking poor Tonks out. "But mum where...
  11. Charlotte Lines

    Opinions Please :)

    This is my guinea pigs cage at the moment, each section holds 2 boys! Is it big enough? Do I need to make it more interesting? If so how? Plus, does anyone have any good recipes for treats or know of treats at pet shops that Guinean pigs like? I cannot find any that they like! :/ Apoligies for...
  12. Watermelon-Pets

    Baked Treats For Winter!

    The winter is here now, and it's getting cold. My piggies aren't happy with veg from the fridge so do you have any suggestions for baked treats I could give them? Something warm to keep them happy would be great!
  13. Guinea Days

    What Unusual Food Does Your Guinea Pig Like To Eat?

    our guinea pigs don't like much unusual food... I gues we would never dare to try to give them some :tu: tell us what your piggys like (which is ok for them to eat) and we can try it. share with each othen and maby you could fine a new treat your piggys would like x :love: please...
  14. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses Treats And Toys

    Hello Recently in the colder months I have been trying to find cost effective and fun toys treats and houses for the pigs as it is too wet and chilly for them to go out in the run I have tried lots of options but would like to hear your tutorial suggestions! To start it off I'd recommend the...
  15. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses, Toys, Treats?

    Hello there My pigs are always looking for fun toys and houses to explore but unfortunately they are rly expensive and often my pigs won't even use them :td: so I was wondering if any of you have found any easy tutorials that your guineas have liked!
  16. Julie M

    My 4 Gorgeous Boys.

    Peanut Alby BuddyFudge
  17. luckyandsammy

    We Got Our First Bunny Box Today!

  18. pigmumsar

    Mickey Mouse Treats!

    You can tell it's the last day of the hols as my children were looking for an activity to do this afternoon. My son suggested we make the piggies some treats so we baked some little cookies. The Mickey Mouse shapes were our favourite. Bramble and Smartie started tucking in as soon as we put...