1. M

    Tree Sap Resin Coming From Inside my Guinea Pigs' Newly Built Wooden Cage?

    Hello, Me and my fiance recently built a homemade wooden cage for our little spuds but since the cage is made out of raw wood, it would seem to be leaking resin in one specific spot in the cage. This is a concern because I had found multiple locks of fur in the resin recently after cleaning the...
  2. Walky

    Very Quick Question About Loquat Leafs

    Hello. I have a Loquat tree in my house, and I'm wondering If I can give the leafs for my pigs to chew on. I recently ran out of hay, and no pet shop in the city has hay for sale until they contact the merchant again. They said next week they'll have it. It's a very small city. But in the...