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  1. LittleRed

    Nail Trimming Tips for Thick Nails?

    A little background on the question - my guinea pig, Boba, used to live in a two story C&C cage with a little ramp about a year ago. One day I looked into his cage and noticed a fair amount of blood on his blankets. Obviously worried I pulled him out of the cage to find that one of his back...
  2. Han Heydon

    Issues With Nails & Clipping

    hey wondering if anyone could give me some advice. one of my piggies is all brown including his nails which makes it very hard to see the quick of his nails and he very much hates having his nails cut. As a result he wriggles which makes it that much harder. as a result he often goes a while...
  3. ChloeCee98

    Long Haired Guinea Pig Pampering?

    Recently adopted a long haired guinea pig! With really crazy hair lol she seems fine with it and her previous owner said she did trim her bum hair once every month or so. Although today I was cleaning out the piggys cage and she stumbled into her platform inside the cage...her hair is a little...