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trio of boars

  1. Hundo

    Trio of Young Boars in Trouble

    Hey all, a little introduction to my girlfriend and I, we have three little boys Brownie(American), Oreo(Teddy) and Milo(English Crested)! As sweet as these little guys sound they are in a bit of trouble. Being brand new owners to guinea pigs without doing research, making most of the common...
  2. A

    Boys and Girls together

    So I have a general question that I need help with. My wife and I have five bonded girls that have lived together for about a year. We just recently lost one of our girls, and we ended up getting a couple boys at the pet store. This was a mistake that the pet store sold us three boys that all...
  3. The Mad House

    Successful Guinea Pig Trio Bonding - Anyone had any luck?

    Hi everyone, Please read everything I've done before replying. I'm looking for people who've successfully bonded trio's of Piggie's together which I know is RARE but I just don't want to give up any sort of hope yet! - I have read the guides on the pages about Bonding boars and signs to look...
  4. S

    Grouping advice

    Hi, I have 3 New Guinea pigs and I’m looking for advice on grouping. They are a 14 month boar and his two 6 week sons. They have been paired for a while as I am told that previous attempts to pair him with other babies had not worked out. I am told that one of the babies that I own stood up to...
  5. Y

    Behavioural Issue with trio of male pigs HELP!!

    We are having issues with a trio of male guinea pigs that we purchased around a month ago (14 weeks old) and looking to get some advice. For some background: They were all purchased together and came from the same breeder however 2 of the pigs are continually attacking the other with one fight...
  6. winniethepooh

    Trio Of Boars?

    I was thinking today, is a trio of boars a common thing? I know a trio of sows is a thing and they get along but would a trio of boars work out? I currently have 2 boars right now and was thinking (of course when they settle in to their C&C cage and get over their dominant stages) of getting...