trouble peeing

  1. J

    Troubles going to the bathroom

    My little boy Oswald is having discomfort peeing and pooping. He is 2 years old and recently (about 2 weeks ago) got off of antibiotics for a URI. He had issues going to the bathroom while on the antibiotics but he was on Natural Science Digestive Support (and still is) and that really helped...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Toast Squealing When Doing The Toilet.

    As mentioned in my other post, I'm having a lot of issues with the pigs health lately. Every now and again I noticed Toast squealing sometimes, I then realised it was when she was doing the toilet, but not everytime. I've also noticed an increase in calcium when she's peeing and sometimes it...
  3. M

    Guinea Pig Has Red-ish Genitals?

    Sorry for the gross pictures, I just wanted to be sure. My other Guinea pig (both female) had a similar problem a few months before she passed. They're both are (and was) pretty young. Probably around 6 years old. Anyways, her genitals are pretty tender and she screams whenever I touch around...