1. gumbofanatic01

    Scab on guinea pig's tummy, is there anything we can do to help them heal?

  2. E

    Dry patch on upper tummy

    I got 2 male guinea pigs 3 weeks ago and have recently found a dry, hairless patch on one of their tummies. Does anyone know what this is and if i should take him to a vet, thanks :)
  3. Piggiemum7

    Bloating :(

    Ben has been eating drinking fine and having normal bodily functions up until this morning. I counted 13 poos in his cage from last night and since then there's only been about 3! Took him to the vet who felt around and said he felt some sort of lump or blockage (I think it's a hardened poo, he...
  4. N

    How To Tell If A Guinea Pig Has Bloat, And What To Do?

    Hi So I've rescued two piggies recently and one of them is a lot rounder than the other. We took her to the vets a couple of weeks ago because she seemed in pain and she was put on antibiotics because the vet suspected an infection which may have caused bloating ( I must admit the vet didn't...