1. K

    Are apple tree branches/twigs with leaves on them good for my guinea pigs

    The title says it all. I have an apple tree in the garden and I wonder if I could give my piggies some of the apple trees' twigs and branches but I do have some other questions 1.Do I need to prep them in any other sort of way except washing them 2. The twigs look relatively young and I wonder...
  2. hannahs26

    Safe foraged garden foods for enrichment

    Following on from a post a few days ago, about a web page I'd come across with apparently safe plants for GPs ...... Wondering about the plants I have in my garden and close by, as to whether they may be safe to include for enrichment purposes within my run. Unless I hear a definite 'yes, they...
  3. hannahs26

    Safe twigs and branches

    Hi, I already enrich my girl's run home with Hazel, Apple, Birch, Willow and beech twigs and leaves, but was looking for more info about what else I could use, when I came across this link: Safe Branches List for Rabbits & Guinea-pigs — Bunny Meadow What are your opinions of the list? I read...