two males

  1. B


    Hello everyone! I’m new to Guinea pigs but I’ve done EXTENSIVE research on them. I have a 7 month old & a 4 month old, both males. I had the oldest first and got him a friend. My problem is the bonding. So I put them in a neutral area with lots of hay. Lots of snacks. There has been ZERO...
  2. G

    New younger boar

    I’m a New Guinea pig owner and started out with just one I rescued. I’ve had him for a little over a year. A couple weeks ago I brought home another from the same situation. They had separate cages but after doing research I have worked them up to being in the same cage. Both boys. So I guess...
  3. N

    Guinea pigs fighting after months of peace

    I currently have a couple of two male guinea pigs living together in the same cage. They have about 1,5 month difference in age, and have been together for 4 months now. They had a few problems when I put them together (I made a thread about it, I initially got only one and then took the second...
  4. Piggie mama

    Rumblestrutting at everything!

    Hi all, I got two beautiful male piggies in August this year, one is a year old and the other is about 7 months, I adopted them and they'd lived together even before me, the older one is definitely the dominant one and the younger never challenges him, however my older piggie constantly...
  5. P

    Two male guinea pigs fighting, bonding, or establishing dominance?

    My two piggies, Pitch and Riddick, often fight or tussle. They chatter at each other (I have yet to determine what the sound is and what it means. It feels like a growl but it sounds like a purr) and Riddick will kick his hind legs at Pitch. They muss up their cage by scurrying around the...