under mouth

  1. Flapjack.the.piggie...

    This is Flapjack ❤️

    Here are some more pictures of Flapjack - eating veggies, his pouting face, him posing with his new sign i made and one when he managed to wedge himself in a roll af carpet 😂 - don’t worry he didn’t eat any and we lured him out with a pea flake 💖
  2. Siikibam

    Bald patch under mouth

    Our Fudge has a bald patch under his bottom lip. I noticed it the other day as he was drinking water. I’ve touched the area and he doesn’t squeak or show any signs of pain. It literally looks like a bald patch, no dry skin or scabs or anything like that. Here’s a photo but I couldn’t get a good...