unknown cause

  1. Lilaclemons


    Hello! I have a female guinea pig who has a reoccurring neck abscess that while treatable, is not curable in our situation. When we went to the vet they did not give us any advice, nor tell us how to go about ensuring there is no trapped pus. The vet can not be called for a couple of days, as...
  2. bex's gpigs

    Advice Needed: Weight Loss

    Hi there. Hoping someone can shed some light on an ongoing problem. My little Luna 4 on the 23rd has been loosing weight. It started in January and the vet thought it was a possible uri antibiotics seemed to work and she put on over 200g. Then late February came she was loosing weight again and...
  3. guineapiglover8

    Weight Loss!

    I am new to this forum but I have an odd issue with one of my little girls, she started with her weight at an average of 800g andd lost about 10-30g a day for a bit until she got to 500g which is her current average but it seemed to happen overnight in the beginning she was almost a sort of...