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  1. haylbeth

    Unknown liquid

    Hi, I’m a recent guinea pig owner of two young girls, had them since January. I’ve just found this liquid in their cage while cleaning and I’m concerned about what it is? They’ve also been doing this puffing of air thing quite often, not sure if it is sneezing and if this is related. Help would...
  2. Piggiekisses

    Odd Symptoms

    Hi, My skinny pig has developed these odd dark spots around his nose area. It seems there's less hair in some spots; it's very patchy and shorter than usual. I'll try and attach pics. Otherwise, he's eating , pooping, and acting good. Any idea what this is or what I should do? This is him...
  3. ZoeCavyLover

    Unknown Death (please Help!)

    My friends guinea pig died today and she doesn't know how. I know she doesn't know much about guinea pigs so I don't know if this was a long term illness. Here is the info she gave me so far 1) Hasn't been drinking 2) Not eating 3) Lying down 5) Not drooling 6) Not moving much 7) Wreathing a lot...
  4. PiggyPack

    Unknown Infection

    Hi there guys, Just a quick question, my guinea pig Pablo who is 7 months old now he has got something strange going on near his butt, it's seems there are some weird little bug things breeding there, the just keep multiplying I'm freaking out. I don't have a pic of them because my camera is...