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  1. Vicvac28

    Bladder stones

    Hi all. My boy Rex is a 4 year old non-neutered male who this morning was diagnosed with bladder stones. The quote from the vet for surgery was surprisingly high and the outlook of surgery fairly bleak from what he was saying. I just don’t don’t know what to do as he is clearly in discomfort...
  2. 2guineapigs

    2 Boys 1 Girl in same cage?

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I'm struggling to find the answer to. I read that it is highly discouraged for a female guinea pig to live with 2 unneutered male guinea pigs as if the female were to pregnant, it would cause a lot of problems. However, my boys are just older than 4 (meaning...
  3. A

    Spayed/neutered combos?

    Hi all! I am wondering if anyone has ever had any success with certain combinations of guinea pig bonding/living. We have 2 young boys (Darth Sidious "Sid" and Chewbaca "Chewie"). Currently, we are not looking to expand our herd, but looking at all those unwanted piggies on craigslist makes my...