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  1. C

    5 days old head tilted on one side

    Hello, I really need help. My mommy guinea pig recently gave birth to 4 babies. Just a moment ago, I suddenly noticed 1 of them can't walk nor sit straight, head tilted on side and one eye is unresponsive (sclera can be seen). He can move and wiggle his legs but when I put him down, his head...
  2. C&C <3

    Guinea Pig Unresponsive

    Hi, I've had my guinea pigs for about half a year now and recently, one of them has started not reacting to me or anyone. He still and moves moderately slower than usual, however, he still runs up and squeaks when i give them their veg. Usually, if you accidentally stroke his head, he will...
  3. Casady R

    Sudden Death

    I had two piggies about 6 months ago and both were well fed with hay and had fresh water. I take them out of the cage and let them roam around my room for exercise but make sure they don't eat anything while they are out. One afternoon I left for work and didn't come back until the next day only...