1. A

    Poorly Piggy & now strange poops!

    Hi Everyone, I am new here, and a new Guinea pig mum (Got them last October at 12 weeks old, they are the first I have ever had!) We have had quite a week with one of our boys, he has been weeing pink for a week and yesterday it looked like it was just blood. Today is his 6th day of 7 days of...
  2. Z

    Specialist Dislocated tail-tailbone

    Hello, We took our Guinea pig, Bo, to the vet yesterday because he was acting a little strange and they took an x-ray. Bo has a dislocated tailbone (coccygeal vertebrae after a quick google search), the bones do not appear broken on the x-ray. Has anyone experienced this before? And how...
  3. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Not Eating And Drinking Much Whilst I Am Away

    I went on a short holiday over the weekend, this is the first time I have left my piggie on his own for a long period of time; I made sure to leave Ollie with plenty of food, hay and two big water bottles. When I came home, I noticed that he had drunk very little and would of normally have drunk...