1. CrazyHairedPiggies997

    Still bleeding?

    Hi guys! Pumpkin had surgery to remove the stone stuck in her urethra, which then turned out to be 2 stones! She managed the light GA fine. She is back to her normal mischievous self! She’s having metacam and baytril for 5 days to be safe. My question is, she is still bleeding when she wees. The...
  2. CrazyHairedPiggies997

    Please help - urethral stone in elderly sow

    this will be long - sorry! Hi guys, It’s been ages since I posted. I’ve had the hardest time the last few months regarding my piggies. Sadly, I’m now down to 1 elderly (6yrs ish) girl, after losing her last companion 5 days ago. In 1 year I’ve lost 4 piggies all to completely different non...