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  1. Jesse's pigs

    E. cuniculi

    Hi, Not a piggy post, but i guess still relevant. So my bunny has had loss of balance today (I am going to see a vet so I'm not seeking a diagnosis) and is just rather wobbly. He isn't paralyzed. He is still using his hind legs to itch and can kick etc (and hump- thanks for the demonstration...
  2. P

    Help please! Urgent!

    Sorry for this being my first post on here but my guinea pigs and I are in a dire situation: My female (roughly) five month old guinea pig broke her leg sometime yesterday her leg was at an odd angle and she put her weight on the other one although I think she can still control the leg. I didn't...
  3. FairyOlivia

    Going Blind

    Around four years ago I got three female guinea pig sisters. Two have had zero health issues but Fairy has always had trouble with her eyesight. She has always coped relatively well with a little help from myself but since last week I have noticed a big change in her. On Thursday I noticed...
  4. C

    Urgent Help Please - She's Not Good After Few Days Of Birth

    My guinea pig gave birth to 3 healthy little babies we adore few days ago. She made us sooooo happy. But, now 4-5 days after she's not so good. She is lethargic, static and very slow, she's not even eating well and don't drink water, as she always does. She's with her babies right now. She don't...
  5. Eggfriend

    Poop Stuck

    i picked up my female guinea pig and noticed she has a poop pellet stuck in her vagina. She and her sister are my first guinea pigs, so I'm not very well knowledged in guinea pigs. Does this hurt her? Should I take her to a vet?
  6. S

    Please Help Me With My Pig!

    So, my guinea pig, Hiro, is hunched up, he's eating more than usual and drinks a lot of water, he wheeks happily whenever I come in and comes to me, it's just...His posture is worrying me, about seeing a vet, there are no vets here that are specialized with working with small rodents, they all...