1. F

    Help! Itchy guinea pigs

    Both of my guinea pigs have been almost constantly scratching themselves. I’m not too sure if it’s mites or just dry skin. What should I do? Are there any products or tips anyone could please recommend? Here’s a pic of one of my guinea pigs back
  2. Lucyscavies

    Human colds and guinea pigs

    Hi all, my daughter has recently had a cold and everytime she fed or went near the piggies she wore gloves and a mask. The cold has cleared up now but she has a cough and blocked up nose, she feels fine in herself though so I was wondering if she will be ok handling the piggies now? Is it still...
  3. LillyKormylo

    Petco Experience

    On May 4th I bought a baby male guinea pig from Petco. Which ended up being a mistake. I fell in love with him and named him Jelly (my other one is named Peanut-butter), he was the only one I’m his cage, and he looked so sad, I thought he could help my older guinea pig who just went through the...
  4. E

    Clacking Noise?

    Hello! I've recently purchased a 3-4 week old male guinea pig as a companion for my slightly older male. Since I've gothen him, I've noticed that he sometimes makes clacking noises at me when I take him out of his cage I've heard crackling noises being associated with URI, but he doesn't have...
  5. E

    Post Ill Guinea Pig - Mild Uri And Neutering Plans

    Hi, I got 2 male guinea pigs about 6 months ago. Sadly it's been a rough jouney with them as 1 passed away last week with a URI that just took its toll on him even after 2 types of antibiotics were tried. The other male that has been left behind is very lonely, however he did have the same...