urine color

  1. Siikibam

    Does this look like blood?

    I’m afraid I can’t tell if it’s blood. I’ll tag @Piggies&buns @VickiA @PigglePuggle
  2. M

    Inconsistent urine color

    Hi I have a 3 year old guinea pig who I’m finishing the treatment of a URI with doxycycline and enrofloxacin and about 2 days after starting the URI meds he stopped eating and drinking and I gave him critical care by oxbow for a couple days until he showed enthusiasm to eat and have kept giving...
  3. M

    Pink pee

    Hi there - I am new to this site and noticed my girl has had some pinkish/orangish pee...it's been sporadic..one day it's normal and the next it's pinkish. She's been to the vet in the past and they give her an antibiotic, but I don't know if this is something I should be worried about, or am I...
  4. C

    Red/Orange Urine

    I have a young hairless female, spayed guinea pig and found red/orange urine in her cage this morning. As you can see in the picture it is a very bright color. She has had a few carrots this week, could those be causing the urine to turn this color? It doesn't seem like blood to me but I'm just...
  5. ashleemelda

    Orange/Rust-Colored Urine, Result of Medication?

    My girls went to the vet on Monday, December 2 and were prescribed Bene-Bac Plus Microbial Gel (given by mouth once daily for 10 days) and Bactrim/SMZ-TMP (given by mouth twice daily for 10 days) to aid in what she believed was the start of an infection. Since then, I have noticed that their...
  6. Gpiggygirl87

    Geriatric piggy with bright orange urine..help!

    Today I noticed my 7 1/2 year old sow has bright orange urine. The past couple of months she seems to lose weight and then gain it back. I know she’s struggling a bit to keep the weight on because she just eats way more than she used to. Both of my sows eat the same diet and same veggies. The...
  7. Joannajars

    Blood in pee

    My 1 and a half year old Seymour has been crying while peeing for a few weeks now, and now I noticed today that he is also peeing blood, he doesn’t wee very much or drink very much lately but he is still his usual self. I hope no one thinks it’s cruel that I haven’t yet taken him to the vets but...
  8. P

    Pink urine and white substance on one of my pigs gentiles? (slightly bigger cage)

    I've noticed the shaving in my piggies cage near the litterbox has been pink sometimes. I've been reading a few of the threads and some owners have mentioned pinkish or red urine coming from their guinea pigs. I've seen some areas with the shavings pink and I assumed that it was just a...
  9. asian piggy

    peeing blood?

    I took my two piggies, Bruno and Ace, out for floor time and they were absolutely mad wheeking and popcorning. However when I took them back to their hutch and started putting back their hidey’s I noticed in one of my fleece hidey’s there was a rust coloured pee stain on it. I’m not sure if it’s...
  10. Arwen

    Pink Urine And Slight Lethargy

    Hello everyone! I'm a super new piggie owner and I'm having some problems. My guinea pig Peggy started to urinate pink and orange-ish liquid. We have only had her for less than a month, and have only fed her plain pellets and timothy hay. We are trying to introduce her to leafy greens because I...
  11. C

    When To Be Worried? Brown Pee?

    I currently have a 8-9 month old boar, his brother recently had stones ( vet said that it was a genetic thing as I feed them hay, veggies barely any pellets or treat, daily vitamin c supplement (oxbow), nothing that could of caused stones at such a young age) and I. Am now worried for him. He...
  12. annachristina_piggies

    Blood In Guinea Pigs Urine

    Last week I noticed that my 2 year old boar has a red tint to his urine which I can only assume was blood. I've booked him a vet appointment this evening however last night I was checking him and noticed his urine was clear again. Should I still take him to the vets? I don't want to have to put...
  13. G

    Normal Urine Color? (pictures Attached)

    I had my piggies out on a pee pad today while I cleaned their cage.. when I was done, I noticed one of them had peed a bright pink color. It dried the same color. Is this normal?