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urine infection

  1. E

    Crying with no evident source of pain

    Hi! I’m not usually active on social media, let alone on forums, but i’m desperate for help. My english might not be very good as I’m not from an English speaking country but i really need help. My guinea pig is an intact male, 2 years old. He’s always been an active little fella and nothing...
  2. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Blood in urine.

    Hi guys! (Sorry I only seem to come on when I need help, it’s been really difficult with losing piggies and poorly piggies I’ve been finding it hard to come on.) After losing Iggy last year I thought my bladder troubles were behind me but boy was I wrong. My beautiful Andromeda has started...
  3. lilpumpkamo

    Mystery hair loss near back legs during persistent UTI

    Hello all, I am stumped so I wanted to crowdsource some info from other guinea pig owners. This is mostly a TLDR I wrote a lot under the images on Imgur. Here is her history: Age: I have had Kaylor for 3.5 years, unsure of her age as I rescued her but let's guess about 5 years old now...
  4. Chonkerz

    Neverending UTI saga: advice needed

    Hello, Please anyone with experience in UTI’s in female pigs please help! I’m a 19 year old who pays for all my pigs vet bills, and all of their other expenses and I’m wanting to know where to go from here ;-; please read my situation and help me. I‘ve got two female guinea pigs, both are in...
  5. ashimay

    Should I split my piggie’s Metacam?

    Hello! On Friday afternoon I noticed one of our boars (Mr Pig) was hunching over and being quite vocal, so naturally I sprung to action and went over to investigate and found little pink spots on the fleece. A quick bit of research seemed to indicate bladder issues such as an infection or...
  6. M

    Guinea pig dies from urine problems

    Hi, my guinea pig has recently passed away age 4 years 8months old. He was ok in himself up until this week where he one day started squeaking in lain and raising his back end off the ground but was still ok in himself and eating normally. We took him to the vets and was given pain relief...
  7. Squishymoth

    Probiotic Hel

    ok so I recently discovered that one of my piggies, Chamomile, has a urinary tract infection. I took her to the vet, who gave me some antibiotics, and told me that I would also need to give her something probiotic, because she needs bacteria to digest vegetable matter. He advised giving her...
  8. JoannaMarie

    Two Poorly Pigs... Please Help!

    So my Ted had a bladder operation a week ago last Friday, he really suffered and we all thought he was on his way out at one stage. He started to improve last Wednesday but he is still not himself, hardly eating anything. I am hand feeding every morning and evening but isn't improving much. Any...