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  1. G

    Bleeding bottom

    Hi, I am a bit of a loss. My guinea pig has been passing blood on and off for roughly a month now. I have been to the vets a couple of times and now they are at a loss of what to suggest. She was treated with antibiotics for 10 days for a UTI, then when this didn't work they gave her another 2...
  2. antonianicoleee

    Poorly Piggy, Been Told To Prepare For The Worst :(

    Hi everyone. I took Poppy to the vets on Monday. When I took her the time before she weighed just over 1.3. She now weighs 1.02. She has lost quite a lot of weight. The blood is apparently coming out in her urine, not in her poop so apparently this is still cystitis and they think she is just...