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    Baby Guinea pig might have UTI, Need help asap

    My baby guinea pig , born 15 days ago, was squeaking( cry like) since 2-3 days when peeing yesterday I was worried so i picked it up and found some red colored, blood like, thin urine. I think he is having UTI, so I decided to go to vet, who isn't experience. here in my city there are no...
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    UTI 12 weeks old. Baytril or bactrim?

    Hello, I have a 12 week old guinea pig. 2 weeks ago at 10 weeks old one of my guinea pigs started making an uncomfortable noise whilst peeing. We took her to the vet who said it was not gut and was definitely UTI. She carries on as normal, eats normally and passes both poop and pee. The vet gave...