vaginal bleeding

  1. G

    Female guinea pig bleeding after being spayed 2 weeks ago?

    Hello, I got my guinea pig gigi march 7th, and she was pregnant with one pup who got stuck and had to be surgically removed, when the vet finished she spayed gigi as well. I gave gigi antibiotics for about 5-6 days and her wound is completely healed, and until tonight there was no prior...
  2. Auster

    Bleeding from bottom

    My two year old piggie Midna has started bleeding from her bottom/genital area. Over the past few weeks we have noticed the occasional spot of blood on the bedding but never been able to pinpoint a source for it until yesterday and there has been a sudden increase in the amount of blood blotches...
  3. A

    Swollen Nipples

    I have a female guinea pig. She has swollen nipples (no discharge). We took her to the emergency vet because we noticed a bit of blood in her vaginal area. The x-ray showed that everything looked normal internally. She was placed on Enrofloxacin Suspension 10.2 mg/mL. I should note that the...
  4. crnyng

    Bladder Stone; Advice

    Hello everyone, my most recent adoption/rescue, a 3 year old female, has been bleeding from her vaginal area lately. Today we had an appointment and have found out she has a bladder stone. I was quoted 600 to 800 dollars for the surgery, which I don't have, having spent 400 in the last 2 weeks...