1. Finn-Bendle

    Is it ok to cut out veg?

    Ok so a while back I posted a thread when I had first had my pigs. Since then I've noticed Pamela has been showing symptoms of bloat, her pooping is normal but she will blow up like a balloon and get very agitated if I try to pick her up. She'll cry out and squint her eyes when I rub her belly...
  2. Siikibam

    Plant food on veg

    I’m thinking of getting some plant food for the veggies I planted. My issue is would I then be able to feed them to the piggies?
  3. The F-G Piggies

    Peppers! 🍅🥬🥒

    Hello Guys! I’ve just adopted 3 beautiful female Guinea Pigs named Paige, Sophia and Hadley, and I want to include bell peppers in their diet. I’ve given them yellow today and they weren’t very impressed haha. I will be trying the other colours too as I know that some guinea pigs do prefer some...
  4. AlvieOB

    What food can piggies eat every day?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what food is best for feeding guineas every day as treats, as well as their veg bowl? I’ve heated lettuce is only able to be fed 4 times a week. Thanks, Alvie
  5. HeatherW

    Feeding Fresh Fruit And Veg

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a question about feeding fresh fruit and vegetables. What is the right amount in a day, and can you overfeed a guinea pig? I know it's not possible to overdose on vitamin C and shouldn't feed sugary foods like apples and carrots too regularly, but...
  6. Siikibam

    Is This Enough?

    I got my pigs yesterday, and they're 9.5 weeks. After reading through the feeding guide, I gave them this much this morning. I put the veg in with the nuggets, but it looks like they drag them out the bowls to eat (each has its' own bowl). Is the veg the correct amount and should I give once a...
  7. CraigGlasgow

    Safest Veggies For A Gassy Pig?

    So Weasley saw the exotics specialist on Wednesday and she wants to start reducing his meds. He's come off his antibiotics and since then his poop has become on large a much nicer shape and no longer wet and is happening more regularly. It is however now very dry and slightly greenish, which the...
  8. Stevenxxx

    Guinea Pig Doesn't Like Veg

    my Guinea pig is really fussy and the only vegetables he likes are carrots and romaine lettuce, I have tried everything including a few fruits but he refuses to eat anything else, I'm worried he will get a vitamin c deficiency problem so how else can I get these vitamins in him other than his...
  9. Beans&Toast

    Powdery Pee?

    I was just cleaning the pigs cage out (I have fleece) and noticed a few dots of white/cream "paste" is the only word I can use to describe it. I used my finger to see what it was, it was a very powdery consistency so I'm thinking maybe too much calcium in their diet? I can't think how.. They...
  10. SazzaG96

    New Owner Advice?

    Hi there! I'm a recent new owner of 2 male guinea pigs and I was hoping for some advice in general about looking after them. They are in a 2 x 3 C&C cage with a loft and I use fleece bedding that is washed every 3 days! They get fresh veggies morning and night and nuggets and hay! Is there...
  11. Guineapigfeet

    One Week Update

    It's been one week, and a day, since the three girls came home. We are renaming them but haven't got very far: Mango is now BB (BB-8 from StarWars) but we're awaiting inspiration for Chutney and Squirrel. BB and Squirrel are sisters and Chutney is a cousin (they think) They are settling in well...