1. L

    New Piggie Mom ( Help with getting a veggie schedule ? )

    I want to get into a schedule and was hoping you all could help me, I would like to type a schedule out so I know what I am feeding them each day/night. Could anyone post a schedule below for me to see? I do know they need about a cup of veggies/leafy greens a day for each piggie. I have two...
  2. Lucyscavies


    More veggies for my boys tonight. Aren’t they just the cutest furballs you have ever seen? 🐹🐹
  3. Lucyscavies

    Veggie time! 😍

    Veggie time for Scooby & Scrappy tonight, look at how fluffy they are! 😍😍
  4. Lucyscavies

    Veggies I can feed my piggies

    Hi, I’m just wondering what veggies you feed your piggies? I’m in the uk and I want to give my guinea pigs more a variety of veg. The things I feed them are: Romaine, cabbage, kale, cucumber, carrots, peppers, green beans, baby corn, gem lettuce, coriander, fruit (twice a week) and sometimes...