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very dominant boar

  1. H

    Over protective over female?

    After putting my boys in their new cage they settled down, they stopped fighting and were living happily. I decided to put my female (desexed) it started alright between the boys but now it has grown down hill. If pickle (the younger boy) goes near my female sparky (the older male) with charge...
  2. Julie M

    Fudge And Peanut Bonding.

    Well Fudge and Peanut have been in a 2x5 c&c together since Tuesday after leaving their bonding pen. Fudge is probably about 4 years old and peanut is 6 months old. Fudge used to live with Alby (apparently same age as Fudge) they fell out as Fudge was constantly humping Alby. He's now doing the...