1. eyepencil

    The boys! <3

    While I've already introduced both boys here back in December, I recently made a video introducing them to other platforms. I think I've decided to do an entire video series on them, so that's kind of exciting news! Here's the first. If you'll wanna see it, here it is. :wub: Vid 1 - Dorian &...
  2. elian

    Emmie’s Intro: A.K.A Troublesome Lovable Bean

    Name: Emmie No idea why I can’t type her nickname so I’ll just not put it... My glamour shot: Silliest Photo: When I put brocolli on her head because it turns out she will not touch it. She walked around like this for about a minute without shaking it off 😂 Cutest thing about me...
  3. Sonnet


    Just to show how wriggly he is, even when having cuddles! Sprout, by comparison, would just sit there.
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Floortime Madness -i Apologise If I've Shared Some Of The Video Before.

  5. J

    Cute Bonding Video Done At London Rescue

    Check it out here: I went to volunteer at a Rescue in London. I like volunteering because at the moment I'm so busy that I can't have any Pigs of my own. They're a small rescue but they're fantastic. They save the lives of abused and abandoned Guinea Pigs and it would mean a lot to me if you...
  6. Jesse's pigs

    Fun Fact- Turns Out Guinea Pigs Can Wear Belts!

    Looking back through my instagram posts today (sad I know...) and realised I hadn't shared with you one of my favourite videos of all time! Back when Mo was a lone piggy this was taken a short while after I thought he had a URI. As you all know, Mo adores a good cardboard tube and here he had...
  7. Jesse's pigs


    So as you may know I have a tendency to tag some of you quite a bit (sorry lol) so thought for once I'd tag you in a post that doesn't involve a question but a video which I'm sure you'll enjoy... @Wiebke @sport_billy @Flutterby
  8. Siikibam

    I'm A Pig Mum!

    I (we) picked up Toffee and Fudge yesterday afternoon and they're gorgeous! Fudge is the more bold and has come out of hiding while we're there. Have to be patient and wait till Monday at least to hold them. Otherwise they eat and drink a bit so I'm happy. Here's a short video of them This...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Floor Time

    All this space and where is Mo?
  10. KenspppPets

    The Best Cat Food Box In The World! Video

    My boys think this box is literally the best box in the world. They can't decide who will be king of the box, hence the teeth chattering from Archie and the rumblestrutting from Otto! Ps don't be jealous of them because they are so handsome! :luv:
  11. kawaii_guineas

    Please Help My Piggies With Their Vets Competition

    Hi everyone. My piggies vet are holding a competition where the prize is $500 towards vet bills. Their video entry has made it into the top ten and today is the last day of voting. I'd really love it if you could vote for our video. It is titled 'A day in the life of Thurman and Hubert'. Here is...