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vitamin c defiency

  1. G

    Extremely malnourished piggy with potential scurvy

    Hello, I have gotten my hands on an extremely malnourished pig. I can see all his bones and he was very weak up until last night when he was given fresh veggies and vitamin C. He is in good care now and is is higher spirits however I am extremely concerned about his weight. he has access to...
  2. Jennybug89

    Vitamin Solution

    As I want to aid Rosie's recovery to the best of my ability, has anyone used or would recommend this particular vitamin solution for piggies, as my vet suggested getting her one?
  3. D

    Could My Piggie Be Pregnant?

    I got two Guinea pigs from the local shelter about a week ago. My first pigs! The shelter knew very little about the pigs medical history, and they thought one of the pigs has a vitiam C deficiency because her fur is very coarse and stands up weirdly, and she has bald spots behind her ears. But...
  4. Mrs Guinea Pig

    Female Cyclic Problem - Piggy Poops Getting Stuck And Jaw Trouble

    Hi there. Frankie is a sow who is about 2. We've spent over £1000 on different vets for her, including exotic specialists and they don't have a clue. She was a rescue pig and when we got nearly two years ago she was very small and had little hard poops. we were told she was the runt of a litter...
  5. Sammy!

    Teeth Trouble!

    Hi! My aging boar Samson has been having trouble with his vitamin C uptake recently, so I've been giving him supplements in his water in addition to his existing twice daily fruit & veggies. Due in part to the deficient vitamin C uptake this past year he's had several mishaps with snapping his...
  6. L

    Guinea Pig Has Scurvey?

    I took my Guinea pig to the vet about a week or two ago and the vet said my Guinea pig was fine. Though my Guinea pig is balding on either side of her body, less active and is coughing,sneezing and making a strange wheezing sound when she tries to squeak(the coughing sneezing wheezing is off and...