1. Erinmartinx

    guinea pig is lethargic and isn't eating much.

    hi all, i have noticed over the past few days that my guinea pig is becoming increasingly more lethargic and isn't eating/drinking as much as usual. i have started to pull her out of her cage a few times a day to give her some vegetables, as i am worried her cage mate is taking it all. she eats...
  2. Z

    Loosing Alot Of Hair + Dandruf

    My guinea pig Mikey who is 3-4 years old started to lose a lot of hair while being on my lap a while ago. My shirt will end up covered in long black hairs.. His hair is also kinda oily and does not feel nice to touch him. Today i noticed dandruff on him.. What am i doing wrong? Its not big dots...
  3. TheWheekies

    Vitamin C

    With me seeing things about how much vitamin c pigs need (and that being lots) I was wondering which veggies/fruits are high in vitamin c? I know carrots are and obviously oranges, but the boys have carrots quite regularly and get bored, plus we tried a little orange peel the other night but...