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walking weirdly

  1. lauryn1289

    My 6 year old piggy is walking weird and his balance is off?

    my guinea pig Kip is around 6, i just got home from being abroad for just 5 days and straight away noticed his balance is off. hes bumping into things a bit, moving weirdly and fell sideways climbing up a small slope and struggled a small bit getting into one of his beds. my mother’s been caring...
  2. W

    Guinea Pig Loss Of Balance

    I wasn't over during the weekend. When I came back home I found out my piggy Nymeria had had a few issues last saturday. Before cleaning my pigs' cage my dad's girlfriend put the piggies on the floor. Bubbles was walking normally but Nymeria flopped to her side. She put her back on her legs and...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Baby's Acting A Bit Weird, Limping?

    Hi guys Around a week ago I thought Baby looked a little weird when she was walking about. It's almost like she's limping, so I grabbed her to get a closer look at her, checked her all over, moved her legs to see if there was any problem moving them but they move fine. The only thing I could...