washing fleece

  1. annachapman112

    Tips for fleece bedding cleaning/washing/brushing in a flat!

    This is a bit of a strange one and can't find any other similar threads! I have recently moved from a ground floor flat with a private garden to a first floor flat with a shared garden (the flat itself is much larger, hence why we moved!). I was previously able to brush my fleece bedding and...
  2. Swissgreys

    A Detailed Guide For Fleece Bedding

    Overview: 1. What is a fleece cage liner? 2. Getting started with fleece 3. Fleece washing tips 4. General Fleece Tips 5. Fleece FAQ’s 1. What is a fleece cage liner? What is a fleece cage liner and how does it work? A fleece cage liner consists of at least 2 layers, and most commonly 3...