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washing powder

  1. jaqs

    Liners & Cleaning

    So as time is going on i am beginning to smell the distinct guinea smell from my two skinny pigs and wondered if anyone can advise me what is the best way to wash fleece/liners? as i wash them 40 sometimes 60oC and can still smell the Pee smell on the liners even after washing them at these...
  2. B

    I think my guinea pig ate washing powder

    Please help!my guinea pig is in a bad condition,i think he ate some washing powder,while my mom is doing laundry,our house is not so big,my guinea pog has been ill for 3 days,he can not eat and drink i am hand feeding him and giving him vit c,on the first day i encounter him on his cage he looks...
  3. Isabela

    Guinea Pigs Scratching And Biting Because Of Washing Powder?

    Hello. Is there any chance that my guinea pigs scratch and bite themselves because the washing powder that I use for their fleece blankets doesn't suit them? I've since changed it. I used a liquid powder Blink Color Waschmittel Ultra-Sensitiv and now I switched to the powder one. The one I...