1. HeatherW

    Too Much Calcium In Wee?

    Is this something I should be concerned about, thinking further down the line? I moved to fleece from shavings a week or so ago and this is the first time I've seen what I assume is calcium in dried-out wee. I know wee is often a creamy colour anyway and my piggies are behaving perfectly...
  2. HeatherW

    Strange Reddish Sticky P

    I've just gone to say goodnight to my piggies and noticed a couple of tiny blobs of reddish sticky goo stuck to the fleece. It seems to have become harder/stickier as it dries. It *could* have come from the pieces of bell pepper, but there's no food (or evidence that they've bern eating it)...
  3. Griffindor717

    Piggy Problems - Uti Or Something Else?

    Hi everyone :) first post here and a newish piggy owner, not sure if I'm being an over worrier or not! I got two six week old female rescue pigs in April, and was devastated when one got poorly and wheezy very quickly and died within 24 hours a fortnight ago. We've waited this couple of weeks...