1. Jesse's pigs

    Where to go next?

    Okay, 😂 here I am again. So after the episode of bloat and getting Steve back to his sassy self- he is now eating like a trooper once more so weight gradually going up🥳- I found a lump near his nipple. The vet said it felt only fatty and at this stage not to be too concerned. Just...
  2. Hannahb2804

    Queries about my piggies and if their health is ok

    So I recently adopted two sows and I’m taking them to the vets tomorrow for a check up just to make sure they are healthy and all is ok but there’s a few things I wanted to ask the forum just to make sure it’s nothing to worry about as I’ve got a list of a few things to voice to the vet just to...
  3. Piggy996

    Peeing And Staying Outside During Winter

    Hello, my Piggy is 2months old (and he's single for now, hopefully we'll get him a companion soon). Since we live in a building, unfortunately we can't take him outside but we give him some floor time on balcony where he runs around and hides. His cage is also on the balcony and there weren't...
  4. ToastandBeans

    Beans Weeing On Toast

    So it's pen time where I sit in a pen with them so they trust me and I give them strokes but this time Beans was in a tube and Toast was going in too. Beans was shooting wee out of her onto Toast like a water gun. Is this normal and what does it mean?