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weird sounds guinea pigs make

  1. Y

    Why does my pig make a sound like she wants to impersonate a horse?

    My piggy makes a loud clicking sound, like a human can with their tongue against their teeth, but more snappy than if you are pretending to be a man pretending to be a horse with coconuts, but as loud. She makes it a few times in a row, usually when I put her down. Just wandering if anyone else...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Baby’s making a Grinding/clicking noise?

    Not sure what’s going on with Baby, Her hair looked disheveled yesterday and she had a bath, she struggles to groom herself and I have Vet Prescribed shampoo for her. I noticed her anus looks almost swollen? I’m not sure if I’m imagining it but it doesn’t seem right, don’t know if I’ve just...
  3. jazzahontas

    New Guinea Pig Owner, Concerned About Piggy.

    Hello, i recently became a guinea pig owner, ive never had one before but my daughter has been asking for one, and was so excited to get one but we have all fallen in love with our new guinea pig she is so sweet! we are even thinking of getting another! unfortunatley we adopted flower from...
  4. P

    First Lap Time!

    Today My guinea Patches, and her sister Callie had lap time. For Callie, it was regular. For her sister, it was her first. I do have a of question, though. When we picked up Patches and Callie, they both made this squeek/squeel sound like a real pig. Is that regular? At first we thought that...