1. Sammoo101

    Weird hairloss

    I have a male guinea pig almost 2 years old who has sudden unexplained hair loss right above his testicles. He is on a vitamin C supplement from oxbow and gets daily fresh veggies so I don't think its scurvy. It is also not another guinea pig he is housed alone( he is extremely aggressive with...
  2. zoe.sterns

    New Baby Guinea with Issues? please help

    ok so today i picked up my two 5 week old silkie board from a breeder. one of them has me a little worried. he has a weird scar on his eye and what seemed to be a pimple or scab on his neck? both small. he also is pretty slobbery and has a lot of saliva in his mouth? the next off thing is that...
  3. SydneySharkk

    Guinea pig making weird faces

    I just checked on him right now and he’s making weird faces. Like he has something stuck in his mouth. I know my old guinea pig would make these faces when she was having trouble eating, so it’s just making me worried. I’m hoping it will correct itself soon, maybe it’s just a piece of hay stuck...