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  1. Jasmined

    Getting more Guineas - pros & cons

    Hi, First time posting so sorry if I’ve put the post in the wrong place etc! I’ve got 2 girls, very happy & healthy. I’ve had guineas since a child and very used to their care, this time around owning GPs as an adult without a parent basically overlooking the whole situation & I can’t...
  2. E

    How Many Hidey Houses?

    My guinea pig hutch is quite large and I know I need to provide places to hide so they feel secure. As with most outdoor guinea pig hutches, it is two stories with one open room and one closed room on the top story. I can't find any good quality but affordable houses that fit into the closed...
  3. ChloeCee98

    Is My Piggy Blind ?

    I got Hudson a few months ago. He's always been a character, he hardly eats any veg that isn't plain and he's only just started to eat cucumber! He doesn't react if your hand is near him and he does realise when the girls are at the front of his cage. He hardly squeaks and only ever makes a...
  4. ChloeCee98

    Timid Guinea Pig Or Just Not Settled Yet?

    So I got my little guinea pig a few days before Christmas, (12-14 weeks old). I picked her in the shop because she didn't run away when we went to say hello - now I know she was freezing lol! She has come out of her shell a lot although she still does hide away most of the time and has to be...