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wet back fur

  1. Suki&Indie

    Wet Dirty Bottom No Diarrhoea

    Hi all! Totally confused so hoping someone will be able to help me out. Today I woke up and found my 4yr old female piggy with an absolutely soaking wet bottom that was quite a dirty brown. She has a white coat so it was very noticeable. I immediately thought it was diarrhoea but found none in...
  2. HiggledyPiggledy

    Specialist Pleeease help! 3mth old white piggy - SOAKING WET from excessive grooming

    Hello everyone! My daughters lovely shy albino piggy is only 3m old, we have had her for about a month with no probs but about a week ago she started getting the odd wet patch on her back.. We ruled out dominance spraying from her cage mate, no signs of stress, bathed her on advice of many...