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  1. B&C

    Recovering From Uri

    Hello fellow guinea pig owners! Unfortunately, I need to take my baby boy Blinkee to the vet later on today because he is experiencing symptoms of a URI. :( (His symptoms: less appetite, no pooing and no peeing, puffed up coat, and he is sitting in a hunched position in his cage most of the...
  2. kenken123

    Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury

    So Patches here decides to escape the c&c cage by breaking down the lid and escape. He say"I would never do that." What do you think?
  3. T

    Boys Not Getting On:-(

    hiya i have to 8 month old guinea pigs who have had small fights before but only ever lasted for seconds, but when i came in this morning a small amount of blood was in the hutch but when i checked them over their was no sign of cuts ect and have been getting on fine throughout the day in their...